About Us

As the Muslim community has blossomed and set roots in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), their expectation of acceptable burial service standards has increased to include a 7 day a week burial facility within the GTA, solving the need for weekend and after hour burials, as well reducing travel time to the burial and visitations. The Community has also become aware of the total costs of burial and seeks to control those costs, as well as have access to one-stop convenience. The Toronto Muslim Cemetery (TMCC) is pleased to provide all this for the Muslim community.

TMCC is the first Sunni-Shia Muslim cemetery in the Greater Toronto Area created solely to meet the religious, cultural and internment needs of the GTA’s Muslim community. Our goal is to provide a complete and comprehensive set of services with a single phone call.

We value the needs and concerns of the Community and have established a place for Muslims to come together at a time when their need for support and caring attention to detail is at a peak. Creating a safe environment where Muslim men and women can comfortably fulfill their religious and cultural customs drives our commitment to deliver the highest possible level of customer service and professionalism.

The Cemetery became operational in May 2012. From the Ground Breaking Ceremony in September 2011 to the Opening Ceremony in June 2012 TMCC has had a very brisk implementation schedule, and this will continue as it expands to its full service range.

Our commitment to the community includes learning and documenting the diverse range of Muslim burial customs in order to assist where we can, operating on weekends and all graves being correctly aligned toward the Qibla.

TMCC appreciates the strong support it has received from the GTA Muslim Community and pledges to establish an excellent and caring facility for them. We also wish to thank all the civic leaders and professionals who helped to make TMCC a reality.